CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Saturday, June 12, 2021

40th Anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark (6-12-1981)

I am an 1980s movie junkie. Four of my top five movies are: (1) Ghostbusters, (2) Raiders of the Lost Ark, (4) Romancing the Stone, and (5) The Princess Bride are from that decade (Star Wars- A New Hope rounds out the list). I have loved these movies since I was a child, and in many ways they still keep me young. 

Ghostbusters is definitely my favorite because of the humor. However, when I want to watch a "more serious" (sort of) adventure movie I turn to Raiders. I can't help it: I am a huge Harrison Ford junkie. He is my boyhood hero, and I collect all the movies he is in. Some, lately, have been pretty bad but when he is good he is GOOD. And Raiders is probably his best. For those living in a cave, here are some fun facts about the movie. 

The HO figure is something I found on Ebay from a seller from Indonesia. The price for the completely painted figure is reasonable, though shipping adds quite a bit. He has custom molded and painted figures from dozens of movies and television shows. I can't determine what he is doing on top of D&H #5005, but he is definitely thinking: "Alcos... why did it have to be Alcos..."

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