CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Toning down Neon Green static grass

One of the things I learned when doing scenery is that nothing has to be permanent. That is a good thing, too, as I am still learning a lot of techniques. My static grass, for example, has a long ways to go. Everyone always says to use a variety of sizes and colors for the most realistic result but I have discovered that 12mm is too large and 2mm is too small for almost all HO scale applications. Also, Woodland Scenics' brand static grass seems to always come out crooked. And, no matter how appealing it might look like online, doing patches of this and that that with various colors of grass will likely look odd. 

I recently added static grass to a new area of the layout and tried instead to only use one or two shades of dark green. I found the result to monotonous, and realized I had shifted too far in the other direction. Not sure what to do, I sprinkled various colors of ground foam over the static grass and it spruced it up. This was secured with lots of matte medium, but once dried the grass still looked like individual blades and it felt soft. Hairspray might have worked too.

Thinking about my results some more, I decided to then see if I could "fix" the problem caused by the neon green patches of static grass on cut corner. If they look bright in the pictures, they looked even brighter in person. To correct it, I sprinkled on various shades and sizes of green ground foam and secured it with matte medium. And just like that, I had the hill I always wanted. 

The first picture shows the new hill. The picture below shows what it looked like before. I'm pretty happy with the results.