CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Repainting the fascia black

My layout doesn't have formal fascia boards installed yet. It might never have them. However, I did paint the outer edge of the 1x4 framing while I was building the layout to draw the viewer's eyes onto the layout more. At first I used dark hunter green gloss paint, which is a popular color with other modelers. But, as I began visiting other layouts I discovered I liked black even more. However, piece by piece as I work on the layout I have been repainting the benchwork from green to black. I like the change, but I will really know more once the backdrops and scenery are in place. Thankfully, paint is really cheap and easy to change. Under-layout curtains would help too, but I don't plan to add them because they just seem to collect and then hide clutter (and spiders...)


  1. I too was conflicted with the color of valence and fascia. I finally chose a flat black. It definitely looks good and makes the layout the centerpiece of the room. (At this point my layout is untracked modules).

    I'm happy with the choice of black, but I'm not sure the 'flat' is the right finish. I plan to use vinyl lettering for location signage, and there will be adhesion issues with the flat surface (similar to what we see with dry transfers and flat finishes on railroad models). I'm thinking that a satin finish may be more user friendly for signage and cleaning, so I will be doing some experimenting to see if there is a real diffenence.



  2. Stanley,
    I originally painted my T-track module flat black and it looked lifeless. I repainted it in gloss black and it popped. Satin might work too, and paint is cheap enough to experiment with.