CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Blue skies on the horizon

After struggling to select a shade of blue that I really liked, I bit the bullet and ordered a section to test it out full size. Bill at LARC Products printed it pretty quick and within a week or so it was in my hands ready to install. I went with the vinyl, as opposed to the cloth, because the color saturation on the vinyl was a bit brighter. From most viewing angles you don't get a glare on the sky from the overhead lights. Those problematic points are at the very top of the sky, and when you look at it from the end... neither of which is in my primary sight lines. I used our laundry table to layout it out and attached it per Bill's instructions of taping it along the top to maintain alignment and then slowly peeling it back and pressing it on. The wrinkles went away when I did that.

Once it was installed, I trimmed a slight overhang along the top and then set it up in my U-brackets that I described building earlier.

It is only 60" long, but again it makes a tremendous improvement over what was previously in area of sight... basement steps, storage shelves, and utilities. 

The joints between the Gatorfoam sections are currently held together with small clips I made by gluing up styrene pieces into a U-shape. I may paint them blue in the future.

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