CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Yard track bumpers

While talking with a couple of friends who happen to be Master Model Railroaders, they recommended that I ditch the nails I had inserted at the ends of the yard tracks and substitute more realistic track bumpers. I had avoided using them because I wanted the tracks to appear to go on, and I thought the black nails were more innocuous, but they do look bad in pictures. And, most people won't understand why I did it anyway. So, I purchased a couple of sets of Peco "Hayes" style bumpers (#SL-8340) and assembled them.

They are easy kits, each consisting of only three parts that fit snugly together. I added a drop of MEK for extra insurance. Then, I sprayed them flat black and drybrushed on brown and orange paint. Finally, they were superglued to the track. I finished off the area by covering the old nail holes with more ballast, dirt, and ground foam.

They do look good, and if it helps me earn my MMR certificate I will do it.

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