CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Then and Now: D&H offices in Albany (1984)

At one time the D&H had office buildings in downtown Albany. No, I don't mean the famous building at the bottom of State Street that is now owned by SUNY. I mean offices at 40 Beaver Street, Albany, NY 12207. When I saw these slides showing the old D&H building dated March 10, 1984, I knew I had to buy them. Note the name of the railroad spelled out on the side. It is a garish juxtaposition between the white painted bricks and the natural reddish bricks.

Here the street side view of the building. Note that the building next door appears to be only three floors high. Note the "Delaware and Hudson Railway Company" spelled out on the banner board.

I headed downtown with my camera in mid-February 2023 to see what the building still looked like. As you can see in the below images, it is there but some windows have been added and now more of the wall is painted white (likely to hide the scars from the window work). 

Note that in 2023, the building next door is a lot taller than three floors high. I guess it was expanded upward.

If you are interested in renting part of this building, check here. Just think... you could be sitting and working in the space space where forty years earlier employees of the D&H sat and did the same thing (or idly looking out of the same windows)!

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