CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Springfield Train Show 2023

Another Springfield show has come and gone. And, surprising as it sounds, I think I enjoyed last year's show better! I forgot how big it can be and many times I found myself just overwhelmed with it all. Still, it was a great experience and I am glad that it is "back."

I didn't take many pictures, as I guess by now I feel like I have seen everything there is to see. That's what happens when you have been there 15 times straight. I did spot a few interesting modeling ideas so I snapped a few shots of them.

This really well done N-track module was different from most because it didn't look like an N-track module. Check out the in-road tramway, and the elevated railroad in the back. I have never seen those modeled before.

This module was also well done and featured multiple levels of elevation. Besides the mainline tracks, there was a below-grade rail line, river, and highway, as well as a neat covered bridge. Even a waterfall and mill complex was included. Whoever built it sure was creative.

Here is a module set at nighttime, with a full moon and icy roads. Very creative, though the bridges extending towards the front to nowhere are a bit jarring.

This set of modules just featured trains snaking through a valley. From the end it looks pretty unrealistic, but from normal viewing angles it was much better than watching trains travel through straight track over and over.

There was also the new layout based on the electrified North East Corridor.

Watching freight and passenger trains pass at speed pulled by multiple GG1 engines was awesome. I only wish my pictures came out better. 

Here is something completely out there which you might only find at Springfield: an Nn3 model railroad! Everything was so tiny, but seemed to run well. Here is a website with some more information about this layout.

Due to my increased roll in the NMRA, I spent two hours at their main table running an Inglenook display layout built by the Central New York Division and talking with the public. I was paired up with another guy who lived in Syracuse and was also interested in British modeling, and we started brainstorming a future layout together. Uh oh...

I met Gordon "Gordy" Robinson, current President of the NMRA, and we chatted a little bit about OO gauge modeling, train shows in the UK, our children, and cookies. Yup, he called them "cookies" and not "biscuits". That's how we roll.

Naturally, I stopped by the Bower booth to check out preproduction samples of their upcoming Alco RS3-m engines.

I also looked at Bachmann's Thomas the Tank Engine offerings. They make a lot of great stuff, and it made me feel like a kid again. Oddly, though, a G scale model of "Diesel" was painted green and yellow instead of the black from the show. Perhaps this is a different engine now? The face was happy instead of sneaky too.

The Rapido table showed samples of their Rohr Turboliners. Yay! They said summer delivery was expected. I ordered the set with the black roofs. 

They also had gorgeous models on display of their recently announced GE 44-tonners. I already have four HO scale models and two in G scale, but if they offered them in the Arcade & Attica scheme I would make room for more. The display was rotating, so this was the best shot I could take.

And finally, my train show haul. I bought three used Thomas wooden train toys for Harrison for $10 total. Another $10 netted me three D&H and Guilford railfan DVDs. Now that everyone is streaming stuff, DVDs sell for next to nothing. A new book by George Dutka, who has several blogs that I follow and list on the right side of my own blog, was purchased from the White River Productions table and autographed by George. A new thin-beam square was obtained directly from Micro Mark at a discount after I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago from them. A scrap piece of black gatorboard about 12" square cost a couple of bucks. And finally, a free used magazine rounded up my goodies.

I am sure I missed a lot of stuff but that is okay. I did get to connect with a lot of my old RIT Model Railroad Club friends (hey Otto, Dave, Chris, Joe, and Mike!). I also met up with other guys I follow online such as Dave Abeles from the Onondaga Cutoff blog and an excellent author and modeler, Dominic Bourgeois. I talked with several manufacturers, watched a lot of trains, and had a great day.

I can't wait until next year... and perhaps the day when we can come as a family. 

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