CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Dead engines in Colonie Yard (2005)

During the same visit into the Colonie Shops in April 2005, I also took some pictures (from a distance) of a few old, abandoned relics being stored in the yard outside. I didn't know it then, but there is/was a tortured history behind nearly all of these pieces. For a full account of them, here is a thread at Railroad.net with all of the sad details of this collection. Warning: it is 39 pages long and a tough slog to get through. 

The equipment was:

Alco RS3 - former Albany Port Railroad #2, former D&H #4126 - owned by City of Albany (scrapped in 2019):

The engine on the left it Alco S2 - former Albany Port Railroad, former D&H #3011 - owned by City of Albany (scrapped in 2015):

Coach whose identity I don't remember:

Alco S1 - former Long Island Railroad #417 - owner unnamed (scrapped in 2019):

NYC baggage car; NYC passenger car "Rapid Stream"; D&H "World's Fair" passenger car; D&H passenger car (all scrapped in 2019): 

There were two other engines, along with a random boxcar and caboose. I took dozens of pictures of these trains, but a computer crash over a decade ago resulted in most of them being lost. The engines were:

Alco RS3 - former B&M, former D&H #4082 (first #4082) - owned by M&H Chapter of NRHS (scrapped in 2013)

Alco FA-2 - Western Maryland #302 - owned by WM Railroad Historical Society (this engine was saved in 2008)

Interestingly enough, Canadian Pacific reinstalled a few yard tracks in the summer of 2012 and that may have set in motion the scrapping process even though it took years to actually take place. Or not. Who really knows. Anyway, it is gone. I never saw the red Alco Port of Albany Railroad engines actually work in the port, but someday I may paint a model of the RS3. 

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