CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Thursday, September 16, 2021

D&H red pulpwood flatcar

Here is a neat shot of a D&H pulpwood flatcar taken March 28, 1976. I don't believe that they were still being used by the D&H in 1984. I certainly haven't come across any pictures of them. It is a shame, too, as a model of one would look really great. I even started collecting twigs for a model of one years ago. The process was too tedious, so I gave up. 

On a related note, last weekend the Adirondack Live Steamers had their Fall Meet. I am happy to say both my Gauge 1 live steam locomotive and my 7.25" gauge battery riding engine performed flawlessly. Had we not had other engagements later that day, I would have likely stayed up all day running my trains.

But, I did happen to see a large "log train" roll by on the mainline while I was there. We have had a lot of trees taken down and the trunks were cut up into logs that could fit (barely) on some riding cars belonging to a member. Here is a very heavily loaded log work train making the rounds. 

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  1. That log train was the biggest problem all day... I'm not sure if you had left, but on the second trip down from Tanglefoot, a couple of cars derailed and put the track completely out of gauge... Brad and the other track guys got to work and had it ready for slow order passage, but not after 5 or 6 trains had stacked up. I think Brad's yellow D&H hoppers work a lot better for transportation than those riding cars...