CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

D&H blue MOW boxcar #35622

D&H #35622 in Albany, NY (August 1984)
I bought this slide recently because there were several neat things about it. I collect D&H MOW slides from the 1980s and have a lot showing their coaches, combines, cranes, and gondolas in the "blue dip scheme", which were done in the late 1970s and by 1984 were pretty faded. But, I haven't seen this boxcar before. Note patched over numbers are a darker, more recent, blue color. It's a 40' car and I have no models of any because I have never seen a 40' car in a 1984-era picture. Yet, here is one in Albany, NY that would be quite appropriate for my layout. Interestingly, it isn't rusted very much but just faded. Usually all old boxcars from this period were rusted quite a lot from the snow and rain, but not this one. I wonder why?

Regardless, it is an interesting image and perhaps I will build a model of it someday to sit on my of my yard tracks.

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