CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Miter/Chop Saw!

I have no idea how I went so long with a chop saw, but until last year I made every cut of lumber for any home or layout project with a cross-cut hand saw. And, as can be expected, my accuracy was so-so. Then, about a year ago I started to borrow my uncle's saw and that was wonderful. However, it wasn't mine. So, for projects when I didn't have it I again turned to my handsaw. As a result, I began looking online at saws.

I didn't want a 12" saw because it was too much machine for what I normally do. They sometimes are unstable due to the larger blade and leave rough cut edges. Now, I am not making heirloom furniture but I want the ends of whatever I am cutting like molding to be clean. Also, a 12" saw would be heavier... an important consideration when I plan to take it outside to do most of my cutting.

However, three things conspired together to force me to get a saw. First, my friend gave me a bunch of lumber he had picked up for my layout. Thanks! Second, my uncle asked for his saw back for a project of his own. And third, I had some money left over in one of my pay checks. With Memorial Day weekend and the week I took off from work coming up, I wanted to get set to work on my layout's benchwork.

So, I ordered a Hitachi 10" C10FCH2 from Amazon, as well as a replacement 80-tooth blade to get really clean cuts. For $141 with free shipping, it was an easy decision. Plus, it comes with a laser sight, which is a big plus for me. At only 26.5 pounds, I can move it easily. And, it was highly rated online which is important to me as I don't really want to find out the hard way that a saw is good or bad. Lookout lumber, I'm looking at you!

It works great, though upon reflection the laser isn't of much value outside in the sunlight. Also, I spent at least 40 minutes and several dozen cotton swabs cleaning off the copious amounts of yellow/green grease that they applied to every possible moving surface. Yuck!

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