CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Sunday, July 17, 2022

#5015 at Cooperstown Junction (1984)

Occasionally I find myself driving through Cooperstown Junction, NY, where the D&H"s Cooperstown branch split off and headed north. The D&H sold the line in 1970 to the Delaware Otsego Corporation, and they operated it until 1996 when it was then sold to the current owner- the Leatherstocking Chapter of the NRHS (Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad). I last rode the line in 2014. 

The photograph above was taken July 17, 1984 and shows a D&H local on the mainline heading railroad north towards Albany from Binghamton. The branch joined along the right in a wye formation. The picture looks like it was taken from the cab of whatever engine the C&CV was using, probably RS2 #100 (formerly D&H #100) which is shown below on September 03, 1979.

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