CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Railfanning: North Albany local

Recently I had been talking with my friend about how hard it was to catch and photograph the local train that worked the Colonie Main. In the past 10 years I can recall only twice seeing it actively switching what is now the propane dealer, and only once going into Surpass. At least a dozen or so times I have seen it tied up on the siding that leads to Surpass, and usually that is at night. And, once I caught the local heading through Menands. But, considering I drive by the tracks usually twice daily I should see it more often. In the old days, I used to keep a disposable Kodak camera (remember those?) in the car for train emergencies but I don't anymore with my digital camera. 

But, I was driving in this morning and while going over the I-90 overpass I saw a train parked in the siding. I just had to take some pictures, but with what? I had no camera. Then I remembered my flip phone. These pictures aren't the best, but I did the best I could walking around in the weeds in my work clothes. Oh well, better than nothing. 

The train wasn't moving and the signals were green indicating that another train might be approaching, hence being tied up in the siding. I would have loved to skip work, go home and grab my camera, and see how it unfolded. 

Note that this area is just north of the "North Albany" section I modeled. If I were to add another section to the layout, it would likely be this one. See this post for more information on this area.

My wife and I both like these white and black tank cars, so I think I need to pick up a couple for the layout. 

I used to have an Atlas blue tank car like the one pictured, but I couldn't believe such a prototype existed. Now I do.

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