CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Monday, May 6, 2019

Loading MOW equipment on flatbed truck

I was in Arcade, NY last week for a stockholder's meeting for the A&A Railroad. As I was driving through Java I saw down along the tracks a little yellow truck. I thought perhaps it was parked, but as I pulled over and watched it I noticed it was slowly moving away from me. I turned around and drove to another road crossing and saw it drive through, doing what looked like 5MPH at most. There were two people riding it and I wondered if they were doing some track inspection. I don't know if I have ever seen it before, but likely I have and took pictures of it. It would make for an interesting modeling project, what with the welding and all the other tools and supplies loaded on it.

The A&A received a State grant last year and has been hard at work using it to refurbish the line north from Curriers to North Java. That involved a lot of track MOW equipment. As I drove into the Town of Arcade I noticed some of it was parked alongside the firehouse. And one of the pieces was being prepared for loading onto a truck. Having never seen this before, and with a couple of minutes to spare, I pulled over and took some pictures. It was quite interesting actually. The pictures tell the story, and within about 5 minutes it was on the truck. I couldn't stay to see the end of the process and how far they shifted forward the MOW unit. It was physically pulled onto the trailer via a chain and hook, much like a tow truck.

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