CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Green Island D&H Freight House (1970)

Here is something you won't see anymore... because it isn't there! The picture below is labeled "Green Island, NY" and is dated May 02, 1970. I had searched online maps of Green Island and drove around the area but couldn't find it. So, I did what any person should do: I asked a D&H expert... Dominic  Bourgeois. He literally wrote the book on D&H freight, and knew right away where this freight house was. This is a view of it facing south-east.

Dom even provided a map showing its former location. It is where I put the yellow star in the upper right corner. As can be seen, it was a mess of tracks. The railroad running east/west (up/down in the picture) was the New York Central's "Green Island Branch" of the Troy and Schenectady Railroad. (Check out Gino's excellent website for more info). The lines running north/west through the wye (left/down) are the D&H. Note that the D&H had to cross the NYC at grade, including through a track switch, to access its freight house! 

The map below shows what the area looks like today. In this shot facing west, the red star is where the building once sat. You can see some of the former railroad bridges at the west are still in place although abandoned, and the railroad bridge that was on the east of the building is now solely a highway bridge.

The I have literally driven past this place hundreds times and never knew that two large railroad yards had once been located here. The old NYC freight house still exists and it prominently says "GRIMM" on the end. Everything else, however, is gone.


  1. Wow!! What timing! I been reading from the beginning of your blog & now have finally reached the current year in trying to get current... and now I have come across this post, just as I'm in the middle of building the Walthers' freight house to represent the Green Island one. Walthers version is actually based off of the D&H's Scranton, PA freight house. There are some minor difference in the features such as the roofs are different on the office building, but I can live with that. Since I'm modeling in 1973, your photo is a great reference for me! Thanks so much for posting.

    Best Regards,
    Ken W.

    1. That is great! I am glad to know it was able to help you. I may be able to help you further if you provide your email address.