CP Executive train in Albany

CP Executive train in Albany

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer slow-down

My layout building hasn't ground to a halt yet, but it surely has slowed down. And not, I would argue, entirely due to me. It was getting a bit humid in the basement so last year I bought a good dehumidifier. However, its bin would fill up at least once a day and that meant I had to empty it once a day. Unfortunately, that entailed going up the stairs to our kitchen or bathroom... once a day. Lugging water isn't fun, especially with a golden retriever at the ready to trip you.

So, I hired decided to install a mess sink in the basement last summer. But, we had trouble figuring out how to tie it into the plumbing. So, this year I hired a professional to do it. Unfortunately, plans outside of my control have kept the plumber away from doing it. Once the sink is in, I can have the dehumidifier drain directly into it. This will save me wear and tear going up the stairs... and the basement will be truly dry.

On the bright side, the plumber I hired is located in one of the buildings served by the D&H on the portion of the layout I am modeling! He is located in the old Agway, right between the Colonie Liquor and the Southworth Machinery. He offered a tour of the place, which I will accept in the near future.

It is hard to justify spending a whole day in the basement when the weather is nice and there are chores to do. So, the layout sage continues...

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  1. We, too, had a humidifier that filled up so quickly. We only had to experience dropping the water bucket once before we knew that something had to be done. I am glad to hear you had your sink installed in the basement. That should really change your life but you might need to start lifting weights!